EAP on Device Program

Origo's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, currently delivered in partnered institutions in China and Vietnam. 

This course provides an opportunity to learn English language skills in the context of focused preparation for overseas university studies or other international courses, such as AP, A-Level and IB. In comparison to general everyday English, all components (reading, listening, writing and speaking) in EAP require a higher-level academic literacy and professionalism.

EAP on Device is a project which is meant to be a study tool for students to support their current English learning and further boost their English language skills. The course can be studied at a student’s own pace. Some students can finish the course within a three-month period with intensive English learning. Others may prefer to take it slower and study each unit on a weekly basis with a maximum of 40 weeks (around 10 months).

The learning is structured around using the device from home, from school or anywhere where you can connect to the internet.

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