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Origo's news 


Workshop delivered at the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Union

December 2019

Origo participated in the Cultural and Art Exchange Exhibition hosted by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

November 2019 

Establishment of sister-school partnership between S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School and  Huizhou No.11 Elementary School Jinbang Branch School

September 2019  

Project discussions with a local  education agency in Vietnam 

August 2019

Project Meeting with MAHSA University, Malaysia

August 2019 

Delivery of International Communication Webinar for the Global Education Technology of Hong Kong 

July 2019 

Partnership with the S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School

July 2019 

Radio interview with D100 Hong Kong 

July 2019 

Music and Cultural Exchange Tour with the S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School organised by the Origo Education Group 

July 2019 

Professional Development Workshops  with the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions

June 2019 

Guest Speaking for the Hong Kong Commercial Chamber 

June 2019 

Interstate Excursion
Outside of classroom activity

April 2019 

Collaborative partnerships discussion with the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City - UEH

January 2019 

Collaborative partnerships with the Macau Institute of Management

January 2019 

Collaborative partnerships discussion with the Shenzhen Huaqiang Vocational Technical School

January 2019 

Discussion of internationalisation of curriculum with Changsha Jingnan Female College

January 2019

Signing Ceremony with Longyou Kema International School 

April 2018